Saint Mary's College Food Drive

How can 49 million people face hunger in a country that wastes an estimated 70 billion pounds of food each year?The Food Bank of Northern Indiana's network of 170 member agencies served nearly one-half million households who were in need of food assistance more than one time throughout the year. 

The problem is closer than you think:

  • Nearly 17% of our friends, co-workers and family members do not have enough to eat.  They are food insecure.
  • 1 in 4 children live in a food insecure household.
  • Pantries all across northern Indiana struggle to keep their shelves stocked to feed the hungry.

But so is the solution.

$1 = 9 meals or 11 pounds of food.  For every dollar donated, the Food Bank of Northern Indiana can provide 9 meals or 11 pounds of food to its member agencies.   94 cents  of every dollar donated goes back into our community.